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The Big Day. And an anti-climax.

It’s the 12th of July which means today is the big day. San Jose sees the Livestrong Challenge participants roll out for their various distances in a matter of hours and the 100 Off Road Miles of Nowhere finally takes place. Or at least it should.

The weather here has been great for the last two weeks and the trails have been in perfect condition – nice and fast with no damp sections under the trees to catch me out. But, for the last 28 hours it’s been raining. Heavily.

(There was going to be an embedded video here but seeing as I detest Youtube & Google video and for some strange reason only supports them or Daily motion, I can’t embed the Vimeo video. So click here to see the rain).

I went and took a test loop earlier to see how they would ride and got less than 1/3rd the way around before my tyre was jammed with mud. Which isn’t so good.

So I’ve made an executive decision: The 100OMON will be postponed until the weather improves again and the trails have had a chance to dry out. Today I shall instead be kicking my butt on the trainer watching the Tour de France as they haul themselves up the Tourmalet.

I’d like to apologise to everyone who’s been sending messages of support and following this as well as my generous donors both online and offline. I promise to you as soon as the trails are suitable again I will be doing the 100OMON! You don’t ride nearly 1,500 miles and 190,000ft of climbing while training for nothing!

Good luck to everyone taking part in the San Jose Livestrong Challenge, I wish I could be there with you all today! Have a fantastic time.



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The Final Push

This week I stepped up to riding 100 miles with the goal of doing that distance 3 times before I do it ‘for real’ on Sunday the 12th.

I’m not going to fib: It hurt! But I’m ready for this and know I’ll have no problems. The bike is ready, (I’ve got a new chain, cassette and brake pads ready to fit Saturday), and I’m ready.

So for anyone interested in my training for the 100 Off Road Miles of Nowhere  here’s a brief recap:

Distance ridden: 1,450 miles

Total feet gained:  186,408

Number of chains: 5

Number of cassettes: 3

Number of tyres: 4

Number of tubes: 0 (tubeless tyres rock).

Lbs lost:  18

Predicted time to complete 100OMON: 7:30:00 (or thereabouts).

This is the furthest I’ve ever ridden in just 8 weeks and I’m quite shocked I’ve done it without injuring myself. But I’m feeling strong and ready!

I’ve managed to rope in some support to help out with drinks and food while I’m riding and they’ll also get pictures and video. I’m going to try and record my ride with a SPOT Messenger but I make no promises as to it’s reliability under tree cover (which is what I’ll be under for most of the loop). I will however break open a fresh cycling computer just for the 100OMON and will post milestone mileages.

Will I be able to Tweet while I’m doing it? I don’t know, but I’ll try! I’m sure there’s a way to do it without taking myself headlong into a tree.

There’s still time to win the Flip Ultra HD camcorder I’ve generously been donated! Just make your donation of $5 or more ($10 gets you 3 entries, $20 gets you 6, $30 gets you 9, $40 gets you 12 ad $50 gets you a whopping 15 entries!) to my Livestrong Challenge page and keep your fingers crossed! I’ll email the lucky winner on Saturday.

That’s all (for now!) folks!

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