Training update.

I’ve been under a bit of a cloud the past week with a cold so haven’t really put in the hard training push I should have been. As a result of my general apathy I really didn’t promote the draw to win the Flip HD either, so I’ll run that again from tomorrow through to Friday and will actually make a serious effort to promote it! Tell your friends, donate $5 to the LAF and perhaps you’ll win the Camera!

Training. Yuck. I did 80 miles yesterday as my plan called for and it hurt. My plan calls for me to ride increments of the 100 miles 3 days per week and last week I was to go from 60 miles to 70. Feeling the way I did I only managed 70 miles one day and the other 2 left it at 60 so the jump to 80 yesterday was a bit of a kick to the chamois. I feel ok today though so will continue with the 80 mile days on Tuesday and Thursday stepping up to 90 miles on Saturday.

I’m now on my 4th chain and 2nd cassette since I started training! Everything else on the bike is holding up great and there are no mechanical issues at all. We’re told it’s likely to rain here the next couple of days so I expect that’ll eat up another chain and probably some brake pads as well. At least riding in mud will be good for my handling skills.

Ok, that’s me done with the update. All that’s left is to ask you to donate to my Livestrong Challenge page, we need to raise every penny we can to support the fight against Cancer! The draw for the Flip HD starts again tomorrow and runs through to Friday. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday and will start another draw on Monday for another fantastic prize!

Thanks for reading, have a great week!


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